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Take A Hike: A How-To Guide

After reading this article you will be able to one step closer to bossing the world of hiking. We will be exploring the benefits, things beginners should be aware of and certain rules in the hiking world. When I say ‘we’, I’m not entirely equipped to give you the...

WATCH: We Went Wild Camping

Come on an adventure with us as we try wild camping in the picturesque British countryside. In this video two absolute beginners navigate the weird world of wild camping. With very limited planning, two bags of rice and some butter Murphy and Tom delve into the Peak...

“Checking your emails feels a million miles away” – Why you should start Canyoning

Learn all about canyoning with Ed Swindley, experienced canyoner and head of Canyoning UK. Six years ago, Ed Swindely began ‘Canyoning' with his friends. Bringing the sport to the UK from his time spent ‘Gill Scrambling’ in Europe. “You're often in really remote...

The man who found ‘Inner Peace’ with Wild Camping

The self-named ‘Supertramp’ who takes his three sons wild camping because he can’t stand city-life

WATCH: Sea Cliff Camping, Britain’s Bucket list outdoor activity 

 If you crave adventure and breathtaking views, cliff camping offers a unique and exhilarating way to connect with nature. We spoke to one of Britain's three providers of the cliff camping experience to find out more. Cliff camping involves setting up a tent on a...

Give It A Go: We went Bushcrafting For The First Time

Join me, Murphy and Andrew from the Nine To Alive team as we swapped a dull day in the office for some outdoor foraging with @howl Bushcraft. We’ve all tried to light a fire, build a shelter and perhaps even stretched our curiosity to checking whether a plant is...

WATCH: That’s One Tough Mudder!

Unlike traditional races, The Tough Mudder emphasizes camaraderie over competition and encourages those racing to work together to overcome obstacles while finishing a grueling and muddy five, 10 or 15 kilometers run.

Take on the Treacherous Trail...

The 'Supertramp' who found Inner Peace

Craig Whittenbury, also known as ‘Supertramp,’ finds solace in wild camping with his three sons as an escape from city life. Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle depicted in ‘Into the Wild,’ Craig, a former outdoor fencer from Oxford, has traveled extensively for work and lived without a fixed home. With a history of homelessness and a preference for the freedom of outdoor exploration, wild camping has become Craig’s preferred method of relaxation and bonding with his children.

Despite facing challenges like homelessness and mental health struggles, Craig emphasizes the mental health benefits of nature and encourages others to try wild camping responsibly. However, he acknowledges the potential dangers and advises thorough research and caution, especially for first-timers. Through his TikTok platform, Craig shares his foraging and survival tips, aiming to inspire others to embrace nature while staying safe.

The Scrambler Escaping City Life

Chris Williams, known as @welsh_scrambler on Instagram, is an avid UK outdoorsman who grew up exploring mountains with his family. Despite a demanding career transition from self-employed bricklayer to full-time glass furnace worker, which has limited his outdoor time, Chris remains dedicated to scrambling, a mix of hiking and climbing. Documenting his adventures online, he has amassed over seven thousand followers and connected with a community of fellow enthusiasts, even meeting his girlfriend through a scrambling group. Chris continues to balance his work with his love for nature, finding joy and camaraderie in the sport

Mounting Biking done Right

Chris Maloney is the Chairman of Peak District MTB, an organization focused on enhancing, protecting, and advancing mountain bikers’ access interests in the Peak District National Park. As an avid mountain biker and passionate advocate for the sport, Chris works tirelessly to promote responsible riding and improve trail access. His efforts aim to foster a positive relationship between bikers, the environment, and other trail users, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of the Peak District safely and sustainably.

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