A Glossary for Geocaching

A Glossary for Geocaching

Geocaching groups love to add abbreviations and phrases; here are some essential ones to get your caching lingo started so that you look like you know what you’re doing when you get started!

From Acronyms to common funky phrases, here is all the key ones we have found to get you started:

Common Geocaching Abbreviations

Piffle – Geocache meet up

TFTH (Thanks For The Hide): A way to thank the person who placed the geocache.

TFTC (Thanks For The Cache): A generic thank you to the cache owner for placing and maintaining the cache.

TNLN (Took Nothing, Left Nothing): Used to indicate that the geocacher did not trade any items in the cache.

TNSL (Took Nothing, Signed Logbook) -iIndicates the geocacher did not trade items but signed the logbook.

SL (Signed Logbook): Simply indicates that the geocacher signed the logbook.

DNF (Did Not Find) – indicates that the geocacher searched for but did not find the cache.

FTF (First To Find): Denotes the first person to find a new cache.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pen/Pencil): Advises geocachers to bring their own writing instrument as the cache may not contain one.

CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) – a movement encouraging geocachers to pick up litter while searching for caches.

GZ (Ground Zero): The exact location where the GPS device indicates the cache should be.

SWAG (Stuff We All Get): Tradeable items found in caches, usually small trinkets or toys.

P&G (Park and Grab) – refers to a cache that is easy to access, often near parking areas.

Muggle: A non-geocacher, borrowed from the “Harry Potter” series, indicating someone who might unknowingly disturb or find a cache.

CO (Cache Owner): The person who placed and maintains the geocache.

LB (Letterbox): Refers to Letterbox Hybrid caches, which combine elements of letterboxing with geocaching.

FAV (Favorite Point) – a point awarded by a premium member to a cache they particularly enjoyed.

Cache Types and Attributes

GC Code: The unique identifier assigned to each geocache.

TB (Travel Bug): A trackable tag attached to an item that moves from cache to cache.

GC (Geocoin): A trackable coin that moves from cache to cache.

PMO (Premium Member Only) – a cache that is only accessible to premium members of geocaching websites.

Wherigo: A type of geocache that involves playing a location-based adventure game.

D/T (Difficulty/Terrain): The rating system used to describe the difficulty and terrain of a cache, each rated from 1 to 5.

Logging and Searching

PAF (Phone A Friend) when a geocacher calls another for help in finding a cache.

YAPIDKA (Yet Another Park I Didn’t Know About) – used when discovering a new park or location thanks to geocaching.

FTL (First To Log): The first person to log their find online after discovering the cache.

GRC (Guardrail Cache): A cache hidden near a guardrail.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid): Suggests keeping cache hides and descriptions straightforward.

Events and Gatherings

MEGA – al large geocaching event with 500 or more attendees.

GIGA – a massive geocaching event with 5000 or more attendees.

CITO Event – an event where geocachers gather to clean up a park or other area while 


By getting to grips with these abbreviations, you’ll be equipped to start caching away.

If you want to avoid some of the classic caching mistakes check out our Geocaching guide for dummies.

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