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Taking the plunge: Cliff jumping – because life’s too short to stay on the edge

Cliff jumping is an extreme sport and not for the faint of heart; but why do people do it and is it really safe?

Why I Went Cold Water Swimming for a Whole Year

Zoe Naughalty, who went cold swimming every day last year, is now challenging herself to wild swim in 100 different locations across the UK.

Escape the City on a Paddle Board

Paddle Up is looking to educate people on how to safely escape the city on a paddle board. The Paddle Board community exploded after the COVID lockdown, specifically Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). Described as being due to the fact that the outdoor sport is done...

The UK’s Water River Crisis: Up Shit Creek

Recent reports have found Britain's waterways are drowning in sewage. It's time to expose the fight for clean water in our rivers. If I were to ask you to guess how many rivers in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have clean water, what would you say? 70%? 50%?...

Sheffield’s dipping duo improving men’s mental health

Meet the Sheffield Dippers, two men swapping Saturday morning hangovers for an ice-cold immersion in the Peak District.

Feel Inspired to Dive in the Water

The Expert Ice Swimmer

Gilly McArthur is a renowned cold-water swimmer and ice climbing enthusiast from the UK. Known for her impressive endurance and passion for wild swimming, she frequently dives into frigid waters, embracing the physical and mental challenges of cold immersion. Gilly advocates for the benefits of cold-water swimming on mental health and well-being, often sharing her experiences and inspiring others to explore outdoor activities. She is also a co-founder of the Blue Tits Chill Swimmers and Blue Mind Men’s club which encourage men to cold swim for their mental health. 

We spoke to Gilly in an exclusive interview regarding her story with cold swimming.

The Couple Educating on Thames Safety

Paddle Up, founded by Joshua Hart and India Phillips in Surrey post-COVID lockdown, educates people on water safety and paddle boarding, addressing the surge in popularity of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). They offer sessions focusing on essential skills like self-rescue, route planning, and safe paddling techniques, emphasizing the importance of preparation and safety. Despite the inherent risks, paddle boarding is promoted as a stress-relieving outdoor activity that allows city dwellers to connect with nature. Paddle Up ensures safe conditions by collaborating with water rangers and recommends lessons from accredited organizations to enhance safety and enjoyment on local waterways.

Brothers Improving Men's Mental Health

Tom Clancy is one of the co-founders of the Sheffield Dippers, a group dedicated to cold water swimming in the Peak District to improve men’s mental and physical health. Initially reluctant, Tom joined his friend Josh in ice-cold immersions and found the experience beneficial. Despite hating it at first, he felt good afterward and decided to make it a weekly ritual. Tom emphasises the social benefits of these gatherings, helping men connect and discuss issues outside the typical British pub culture. He advises new participants to stay calm and focus on breathing during dips. Tom is committed to fostering a welcoming and supportive community, encouraging men to join for both the mental and physical health benefits.

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