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From the streets of Reading to the summit of Kilimanjaro

Ever wanted to get into mountaineering but don’t know how to start training for it in a city? We spoke to Gina Moore, whose first experience mountaineering was up Kilimanjaro.

Persistent and Perseverant – The story of climber Charlie Woodburn

A tale of mental strength in a physical field. We sat down with climber Charlie Woodburn to find out why he eventually swapped the bustling London lifestyle for the beauty of the Lake District. The 51 year old has had his fair share of obstacles. An expert trad,...

Sian Lewis: How to Enjoy National Walking Month in the city

May is National Walking Month, a way to get more people outdoors and walking in nature. So we sat down with Sian Lewis, author of the award winning The Girl Outdoors Blog to ask her all about her favourite walks and how you can take on Month’s Challenge and get walking too. 

Jake Meyer Exclusive: “Sitting on your arse does not a summit make”

At the age of 21,  Jake Meyer, was on top of the world… Literally, whilst studying at Bristol University he became the youngest Briton to summit Everest and broke the record of the youngest man to complete the ‘Seven Summits’.  But we all started somewhere, how can you join Jake and reach outdoors euphoria?

Feel Inspired to Dive in the Water

Youngest to Climb Everest

Jake Meyer, a renowned mountaineer, became the youngest Briton to summit Everest and completed the ‘Seven Summits,’ including the formidable K2. His passion for climbing began unexpectedly with a trip to Swanage in southern England. Despite early challenges like altitude sickness on Aconcagua, Jake’s love for adventure and personal challenge fueled his perseverance. He values both global expeditions and the beauty of the British landscape, enjoying local outdoor experiences with his family. Jake’s persistent attitude and focus on personal goals continue to inspire others to pursue and conquer their own outdoor challenges.


The Camera Man with a Story

Charlie Woodburn, a 51-year-old climber, swapped his London lifestyle for the Lake District after facing numerous personal and health challenges. Despite a successful career in the film industry, including working on major blockbusters, Charlie’s had  a lifelong battle with Ankylosing spondylitis and the traumatic loss of his daughter and mother. His passion for climbing, provided an escape from his struggles. However, a severe concussion in 2017 forced him to temporarily step away from the sport. Moving to Kendal with his wife, Gilly, an outdoor enthusiast and mental health advocate, Charlie embraced a quieter, nature-focused lifestyle. Despite his health issues, he has maintained his climbing career and now teaches the next generation through masterclasses. His story is one of resilience and balance, emphasizing the importance of appreciating life’s moments and not taking things too seriously.

The Man who Climbs in the Dark

Steve McClure, a top British rock climber, advocates for nighttime bouldering, especially appealing to those with demanding 9-5 jobs. The cooler night temperatures improve friction on the rock, making climbs more enjoyable. Jim Pope and Buster Martin also praise nighttime bouldering for its accessibility and unique experience, emphasizing the intimacy and focused energy it brings. Proper preparation, such as knowing the routes, using reliable lights, and being mindful of weather and surroundings, is crucial. Nighttime bouldering has grown in popularity due to advancements in lighting technology, allowing more climbers to enjoy the tranquility and challenge of climbing under the stars.

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