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WATCH: Come Foraging With a Bushcraft Expert

We went foraging for food with Jamie Dakota, founder of Howl Bushcraft. A team that specialises in journeying skills, teaching people how to understand and utilise the wide array of natural resources available to us.  He took us into the Grenoside Woods just outside...

WATCH: Why nettles are so important

'Be Nice to Nettles Week' raises awareness of the positives beyond just the irritating sting a nettle gives you. It is currently 'Be Nice to Nettles Week' in the UK, which lasts between the 15th May to the 24th May. Nettles play an important part in the environment...

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage are a UK based, like-minded group of climate-conscious activists that are striving towards making a change in water quality, plastic pollution and ocean recovery within the British Isles.  Rebecca Lee, Ocean activist, said: “Surfers Against...

Deliveroots: How to Forage Safely and Sustainably 

Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat. Sound familiar? Food delivery services are synonymous with urban life. But there is a whole world of food out there, and it is up for grabs without running up debt on the credit card.  Food is all around us, whether you're out on a...

Feel Inspired to protect the Environments

A Fireman's Warning

Serving as the Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Wildfire Lead, is responsible for managing and coordinating efforts to prevent and combat wildfires across the Yorkshire region. His role involves strategizing and implementing effective fire management practices, conducting risk assessments, and leading firefighting operations during wildfire incidents.

Hawley collaborates with various agencies and community groups to promote wildfire awareness and prevention. He ensures that the team is well-equipped and trained to handle the unique challenges posed by wildfires, aiming to protect both the natural environment and local communities.

The Foraging Expert

Jamie Dakota founded Howl Bushcraft in 2014, driven by over 20 years of exploring the UK woodlands. He created Howl Bushcraft to teach practical bushcraft skills for travellers, emphasizing simplicity, efficiency, and respect for nature. Jamie’s courses focus on using knowledge to minimize reliance on gear, enhancing outdoor experiences through real-world, pragmatic skills. He promotes a respectful and unobtrusive approach to the environment, fostering a deep connection with nature. Jamie’s philosophy of thoughtful and respectful engagement with the wilderness forms the core of Howl Bushcraft, aiming to make outdoor adventures memorable and enriching.

Why to Not Mow your Garden

Andrew Doyle, Plantlife’s conservation officer, advocates for the No Mow May initiative to support local wildlife and biodiversity by letting lawns grow during May. This practice helps wildflowers bloom, benefiting pollinators and small animals. By participating, people can discover hidden wildflowers and support over 100 pollinators, including bees, moths, and butterflies. Andrew emphasizes avoiding strimmers to protect small mammals and suggests that even those without gardens can contribute by creating mini wildflower meadows in pots with native seeds. Embracing No Mow May fosters a healthier environment and promotes biodiversity in both rural and urban settings. 

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