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WATCH: City Dipping – Ponds Not Puddles

With deadlines at work, places to be, people to see: finding time to get out of the city seems to be scarce. But what if you didn’t even need to leave to escape. Just imagine discovering your own little oasis amidst the urban hustle. In nearly all cities there are...

Top 5 Hiking Trails Around Newcastle

Need some inspiration with what to do for your weekend? Fancy a hike to clear your head? We’ve got you covered, here are the five most idyllic hiking trails in the Newcastle area. 1. Hadrian's Wall Path Hiking Trail This trail whopping 84-mile National Trail follows...

Embracing Sobriety and succeeding outdoors – meet Lewis Smart

We spoke to Lewis Smart one of Britain's biggest ‘escape the city’ enthusiasts about his platform that promotes, sobriety, self-care and getting outdoors amidst the teetotal trend in young adults. Just one year ago Lewis Smart would have been propped up in a London...

Eleanor Baker: Fastest Woman in Manchester

Winner of the Great Manchester Run Elite Women's half-marathon, Eleanor Baker talks her running origins, her Manchester win and how to find a run-work balance. Pre Great Manchester Run Before winning the AJ Bell Great Manchester Run on Sunday and competing in other...

Silent Treatment

A new trend on TikTok has inspired thousands to leave their headphones at home and listen to nature when walking. We found out all the benefits silent walking has for us.

WATCH: I walked 60,000 steps in a day so you don’t have to

WATCH: I walked 60,000 steps in a day so you don’t have to

The Great Manchester Run 2024: A Recap

The 21st AJ Bell Great Manchester Run 2024 wrapped on Sunday and we caught up with a member of the public who gave it a go. A Great Manchester Run(ner) Among the around 30,000 runners that took on the Great Manchester Run 2024 was Oscar Morris, 21, from Stockport....

Top Five Spots for Wild Swimming an Hour Outside London

Want to escape the city for a cold water dip? Look no further, here are our top five spots which are all an hour outside of London.

Top 10 walks an hour (ish!) outside London

Want to spend the Bank Holiday out of the city but haven’t got anything planned yet? It’s not too late, here are our top 10 walks an hour or so outside of the city centre.

Leading the Way: Sian Lewis on empowering women to get outdoors

We sat down with Sian Lewis, from the Girl Outdoors blog, to discuss her insights as a successful woman in a male dominated outdoor world.

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The Bestselling Outdoor Author

Sian Lewis, an acclaimed author and blogger behind “The Girl Outdoors,” has made a significant impact in the traditionally male-dominated outdoor community. Her first book is celebrated as an essential guide for women seeking inspiration and information about outdoor activities. Sian’s passion for the outdoors began in childhood with family activities like walking and cold-water swimming. Her career took off after transitioning from magazine work to freelance writing, focusing on accessible outdoor adventures. Solo travel after university boosted her confidence and fueled her desire to encourage other women to explore independently. While acknowledging the progress in gender representation, Sian notes that the outdoor industry still lacks diversity. She uses social media to inspire women and advocates for greater inclusion of people from varied backgrounds in outdoor pursuits.

The Midnight Runners Club

The Midnight Runners is a social running movement that originated in London in 2015, aiming to foster a sense of community and improve both physical and mental well-being through running. The club has grown into a global brand with chapters in 18 cities worldwide. Led by individuals like Michelle Waring, the London Chapter Leader, the group emphasizes camaraderie over competition, creating a supportive environment for runners of all abilities. Through innovative events like bootcamp runs and party runs, the Midnight Runners combine exercise with socialization, encouraging participants to forge lasting friendships and explore their city.

The Fastest Woman in Manchester

Eleanor Baker, a 19-year-old runner from Barnsley, won the Elite Women’s half-marathon at the Great Manchester Run with a time of 1:14:50. Starting her running journey in Year 10 for fitness, she became serious about the sport, completing her first half-marathon in 2022. Inspired by her mother’s support and her Manchester United fandom, which added emotional significance as she ran past Old Trafford, Eleanor balanced her university studies with an intensive training regime. Aspiring to compete in the World Championships and Olympics, she seeks sponsorship to focus more on her running. Eleanor advises others to find joy in their activities, prioritize them, and avoid comparisons to enhance mental health and enjoyment.

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