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Living my Vanlife Dream in Cornwall

After over a year after she began her Vanlife conversion, Thea is finally living her dream of living out her van, surfing and working in a local café. But it isn’t all as it seems.

The Rise of Endurance and Gravel Cycling: Exploring the Thrill of the Unpaved Path

In recent years, cycling has diversified beyond traditional road racing and mountain biking, giving rise to two particularly exciting disciplines: endurance cycling and gravel cycling. Both offer unique challenges and experiences, attracting a growing community of...

Hitting the gravel and exploring endurance with cyclist Simon Telford

Road cycling may still reign supreme, but two forms of the sport that began ‘underground’ have taken over and Simon Telford certainly has some tales from the track.  From the Dirty Reiver to the Frontier 300, events for gravel and endurance cycling have begun to...

Explore The UK One Hitchhike At A Time

When I ask you how you get outdoors, the first thing I reckon you think of is catching the train, getting the bus or just driving. What if I told you that you can get away from the city and explore the great outdoors for FREE! The activity of hitchhiking is riddled...

WATCH: Dog Days Aren’t Over

There’s nothing more gutting than booking a trip for the weekend, finding the perfect location, ideal activities, and beautiful accommodation, and it turns out the hotel or Airbnb doesn’t allow you to bring your four-legged friend. Find out how to avoid this revelation with your pooch.

Vanlife: Why It’s Going Viral

Vanlife is almost a viral trend, or at least has the ability to go viral on the internet. With close to 10 million posts on Instagram and thousands of YouTube channels or other short form channels like Tikok. But, what is so fascinating about people living in vans?...

‘Home is where you park it…’

Three different people, three very different reasons to escape the city on four wheels... In the United Kingdom alone, there is a new civilisation forming. Mobile living is on the rise and people of all ages are swapping city life for the outdoors. Currently the UK...

Get Out on the Open Road

Swapped Comfortability with Travel

Nige Parkin, 59, a former army serviceman, and his wife Dianne, from North Yorkshire, transitioned from owning a successful 90-cover coffee house to living full-time in a converted ambulance. The pressures of their business left them with little quality time together, prompting them to buy a van during the 2020 pandemic. Discovering the joys of off-grid travel, they sold their home and business to embrace a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. An extended holiday in Europe highlighted the freedom and affordability of van life, convincing them to prioritize their happiness and health by committing to this new way of living.

The Girl who Hitchhiked to Europe

Most hitchhikers and those offering rides are simply seeking adventure and companionship. Emily Smaling and Ellie Craven have hitchhiked across Europe and the UK for charity, finding the experience rewarding and memorable. The practice declined during COVID-19 but is seeing a resurgence as people reconnect with nature. Safety tips for hitchhiking include traveling in groups, knowing some local language, sharing your location with someone, and noting vehicle details. Making colorful signs and being approachable can help secure lifts. Websites like hitchwiki.org provide valuable tips and advice for hitchhikers.

One Extraordinary Dog

Mouse, 7 years-old, she is the UK Agility Junior Champion in 2018. She loves hose-pipes and cuddles, but most-importantly she’s the best companion for On The Road. Booking a trip only to find out it’s not dog-friendly can be frustrating for Mouse. In this guide you have all the tricks and tips that Mouse’s owner uses to ensure that his trips are hassle free and enjoyable

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