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We’re Nine To Alive, an outdoor brand which welcomes readers to escape the city and utilise their free time to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. It can be hard to organise your downtime when working a nine-to-five. We aim to introduce our readers to new ways to leave the stress of the desk behind.

Whether it’s advice on planning quick breaks, sharing hidden trails or inspiring readers to try something new. We’re an all encompassing outdoor hub that takes readers from the grit of the city to the green of the outdoors. 

Let's explore the great outdoors and escape city life...

Urban dwellers can access digestible content which eases the process of searching, planning and organising so readers can escape the city faster. Available via print and online – as well as through our podcast, Instagram and TikTok profiles.

 At Nine To Alive we work with experts to give both inspiration and expertise to successfully go from concrete to canopy – whether it be with your partner, friends, solo or pet. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Here at Nine To Alive we are committed to escaping the boundaries of our city lives to quench our thirst for the outdoors. Join six outdoor enthusiasts on a journey breaking the restrictions of your nine to five to create tips, tricks and info about the best that the UK has to offer.

We are here to offer you expertise and your everyday advice on in the city escapes and outdoor opportunities. So take off your suit and wack on your boots cause we’re going outdoors. And always remember to tread lightly…

Benedict Hobbs

Website & Newsletter

I’m always outdoors; from playing football at university, going on runs, hiking in the peaks or playing tennis in local parks. For me the outdoors is a way to unwind from the business and stress of day-to-day life. My best memory of being outdoors is hiking up Snowden last summer with my family and even my dog made it to the top!


Andrew McMath


Yo, I’m Andrew!

I love getting outdoors and walking my dog in the fields as well as running. I like that the brand allows me to speak to interesting people who are inspiring others to get outdoors with their incredible achievements.



Ellie Jones

Social Media

Hey, my name’s Ellie.

I love getting outdoors for walks and I love to climb, I also enjoy many different forms of yoga too. I have started to go wild swimming with my friends and getting outside in the fresh air or cold water! The feeling of being in nature is like no other.


Murphy Walton


Hi I am Murphy!

I have been exploring the outdoors for as long as I can remember. From camping expeditions to just walking the dog, I love it all. My favourite memory of the outdoors is being sat in the middle of a herd of wild Giraffes in the bush in South Africa.


Charlie Martin


I’m Charlie, part of Nine to Alive’s creative media crew. I’m all about the great outdoors, especially in Wales – hiking, mountain biking, and coasteering are my go to activities. I can’t wait to spotlight the unique outdoor fun Britain has to offer


Huw Richards

Website & Newsletter

Hey folks!

I’m Huw, Half-marathon merchant and serial runner and hiker. Passionate outdoorsman and lover, with an eye for a rare species of bird through binoculars!




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